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Our residential
House Washing-Soft Wash

Don't let the guy down the street use his roll around pressure washer to damage your homes siding. The Powerhouse Crew doesn't use pressure when it comes to house washing. We use our own chemical house wash mix and low pressure to protect our customers investments. We downstream our house mix onto the customers homes with very low pressure. We then let the chemicals do their job and dwell for 15- 20 minutes before we use low pressure to softly rinse the chemicals off. We take care of our customers homes as if it were our own. 

Pressure Washing in Cookeville Tn.
Roof and Gutter Cleaning

We use a no pressure system to clean our customers roofs. We rely on volume and our own roof mix to get those discolored shingles back to their original sheen making the roof look virtually brand new. ​Our roof mix is a shingle safe mixture to gently remove any algae and other bacteria causing shingle discoloration. We spray down any vegetation before and after our roof cleaning process to ensure the safety and protection of any landscaping around the residence. 

Driveways, Patios, and Pools
We bring the power needed for cleaning any type of concrete. We use "HOT" high pressure to get any grime up, but safe enough not to damage the area. We use multiple techniques, chemicals, and commercial equipment to assist in our concrete cleaning. Instead of standing in your driveway using a standard pressure washer taking up your driveway all day, we use surface cleaners and turbo nozzles. Our commercial surface cleaners use multiple tips on a spinning spray bar with consistent pressure to get the concrete much cleaner and us out of your way sooner. 

Pressure Washing in Lafayett Tn.
Pressure Washing in Baxter Tn.
House Washing in Cookeville Tn.
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